"After shooting with Brandon, I booked my first feature film, co-lead role in a short film, and supporting role in a series. I noticed my auditions for major projects picked up and my confidence soared! Brandon made me feel comfortable and captured my truest personality through the lens. I would 1000% go back and recommend others to go to him, too!"


"My trouble with my previous headshots was that no one really attempted to understand who I was. Since Brandon did my new shots, I’ve felt like an actual professional actor. I’ve been auditioning a lot, for stronger roles than I was previously getting, and even booked a few TV show roles and a lot of commercials. But really I’ve felt stronger about portraying who I am when my headshot backs that up!"


"I approached Brandon after I cut my hair and needed updated headshots. I was finally fully embracing who I am: a queer non-binary actor. It's about authenticity and Brandon gets that. That's why I get so many compliments on my headshots and why I readily endorse Brandon and his work. There's a reason why so many of his clients call themselves working actors, because his shots work just as hard as they do."


"I used to think I didn’t photograph well in headshots; they never looked like me. All I wanted was a shot that encapsulated my essence as an actor. After shooting with Brandon, I’m auditioning more now than I ever have. Brandon isn’t interested in capturing what looks good on the surface, he’s interested in unveiling what’s underneath."


"Typically I'm awkward, anxious, and dread taking headshots, but Brandon helped me through every step of the process. He asked me questions that honed in what I was trying to accomplish, took time to help me pick out specific looks accordingly, referred me to a wonderful make up artist, and then he captured the best pictures of me I've ever seen. Not only did I not feel awkward and anxious, but I had a blast!"


"Shooting with Brandon feels like you are just having fun with a friend. He puts you at ease and it really shows in your photos. He captures the real you.” 


"Brandon made me feel like a star during our shoot; he truly captured my essence in the pictures, whereas most photographers just make it a glamour shot with no truth. He actually directed me, which I love. He helped me create a specific character for each look and I even learned a few tips and tricks!"


"Brandon's friendly, no-nonsense energy allows for such a fun photo session. He's supportive and witty and his ease with his work enables you to relax and enjoy the ride. He has a gift with capturing a person's essence. I always walk away feeling lifted with complete faith that we got something great. I highly recommend booking a session."


“Let me set the scene for you: music, jokes, copious amounts of laughter and a little dancing. Shooting with Brandon is like being at a party that revolves around you. He makes it a true celebration of who you are, and there’s no way you won't shine!”


"Getting my headshot taken has always been so uncomfortable; my smile gets awkward, I stiffen up, what do I do with my hands? Brandon always makes me feel comfortable, talks me through the characters I need, and lets me explore in order to feel at ease in front of the camera. He's fun AND professional -- exactly what I need. "


"He’s been the BEST head shot photographer for me in the 30 years I’ve been acting professionally." 


"Shooting with Brandon was like a masterclass in headshots!"

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